Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Am Not Having Hot Pot at Made In China Hot Pot!

I don't really eat All You Can Eat hot pot! I have not been to a hot place for .. and why I am I now writing a review of Made In China Hot Pot??

Made In China Hot Pot becomes a Hong Kong style cafe in the morning/afternoon hours. They are open at 7:00 AM everyday serving breakfast!

And of course there are lunch specials too... and before they turn themselves back to a hot pot place for the dinner crowd. It does makes more business sense because you still need to pay rent for the whole day even you open at 4 pm and now they can finally generate some income for the 7 AM - 4 pm time slot.

The service here is fast and friendly. The prices reasonable... BTW, cheap cheap lunch combo from $4.99 with a drink!

Afternoon Tea is the way to go though if you want something really affordable from around $3 which includes a drink. I "splurged" and ordered an Afternoon Tea Combo for $4.25 which includes a Fish/Beef/Pork Balls Noodles

Three Balls Rice Noodle Soup - Love the Garnishes!

A choice of drinks which includes

Grass Jello with Ice Cream

I will definitely coming back for more!

Made In China Hot Pot Restaurant
Address: 3280 Midland Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: (416) 332-8807

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why am I at Izakaya Enmaru @ ION in Singapore

Wandering around ION Orchard looking for food...

Yakitori?! I want Japanese food no matter where I go!!

Then I saw Happy Hour Special for $5!! I ran into the restaurant so fast!

Sake on the Rock so sweet....I was tempted to order all 3 of them and tried them all out...

What to eat?! Of course Yakitori!!!

Complimentary: Miso Paste with Cabbage

More Chicken!!!
Now after I have my meal, I later find out online that Enmaru Izakaya, is Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya restaurant and offers a prevalent dining experience popular amongst Japanese businessmen seeking a rustic and lively atmosphere for eating, drinking, chatting and relaxing after work. Having earned this prestigious title at the Izakaya Koshien 2010 – a nation-wide Izakaya competition in Japan.

The experience was OK... but feels like it lacking something!!

Maybe I should have more SAKE!!!

Enmaru Yakatori
ION Orchard #04-11
2 Orchard Turn 238801

How Many Ways Can I Have Durian in Singapore? Part One - Durian Snow Ice

Durian Snow Ice!!!!

If you love Durian and you live in North America, you will understand why I am so excited!

Snow Ice is a Taiwanese dessert, not to be mistaken as Shaved Ice. Snow Ice is made with a combination of cream, milk, water, sugar and then frozen and shaved. And what made the snow ice at  Mei Heong Yuen Dessert quite unique is they take the flavour one step up from just adding the syrup on top.

For the Snow Ice you ordered here, the Snow Ice itself is infused with that particular flavour and they have just so many to choose from. But for me, of course is the Durian Snow Ice (SPD$ 5)!

It is one of the best Durian desserts I ever had!! The taste and the texture, something I wish I can experience more often!

When the waitress gave me 2 spoons, I told her I just need one.

I finished the whole thing by myself! This is one of the dessert that I would never share no matter how much I love you!

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert @ Ion OrchardAddress: #B4-34, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore

King Size Steamed Soup Bun at Nanxing in Singapore!

When my friend sent me the link and photographs of Nanxiang Steamed Bun before I leave for my trip, I know I want to come here!

Nanxiang Steamed Bun is a franchise from Shanghai and has won numerous award over the years. Their speciality Xiao Long Bao is supposed be the most authentic Shanghai Styled.

"Shanghai-style xiaolongbao originated in Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai in the Jiading District. Two specialist xiaolongbao restaurants are often regarded as the most authentic.[citation needed] One is Nanxiang Mantou Dian (Nanxiang Bun Shop), which derives from the original store in Nanxiang but is now located in the City God Temple precinct. It is famed for its crab-meat-filled buns." (1)

King Size Nanxiang Crab Roe Steam Soup Bun (SPD$6.80) did not blow my mind or make me go Wow! But the crab roe was plentiful and tasty. The novelty of using the straw to drink the soup is interesting too!

The only complaints I have is all those extra charges on my bill from peanuts to wet towel. I guess I have to use to the Asian restaurants practice.

Nanxiang Steamed Bun
Address: 200 Victoria Street #02-53, Singapore

(1) Source from Wikipedia

Lunch Special at Gunther's!

No matter where I am, I always have this thing about Lunch Specials!

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine is one of the Top 20 restaurants in The Miele Guide with Set Dinner Menu at a price tag of SPD$ 128++. The SPD$38++ lunch set menu for sure sounded like a bargain.

Purvis Street where Gunther's located is quite interesting. The business/restaurants here has this mix of the different cuisine of traditional VS modern, new VS old, local VS international. The co existence of all these restaurants is just how Singapore is as a whole.

Gunther's is smallish with just a handful of tables so reservations is highly recommended.

There are a couple of choices for Appetizer and Main, and  I decided on the following:

Green Asparagus with Ravioli Foie Gras - I just could not resist when I saw foie gras on the menu
The sauce really complimented the Foie Gras as I cleaned my dish with the warm baguette. The asparagus was cooked perfectly with just the right crunch.

Oven roasted cod, béarnaise sauce - I found it is just OK, average the most. The Tempura vegetables lack the crispness and off the fryer freshness.

Dessert of the Day - Earl Grey Pudding - which is really really good! Light, Smooth and with just the right amount of sweetness!

Petite Four


The Chef also gave me a taste of their Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Oscietra Caviar - All I can say is CAVIAR! This suppose to be their signature appetizer and I have to say it is Excellent!! Refreshing and light and  Truffle Oil!! CAVIAR!!

Services is attentive and professional.

Great Food! Great Value! Lunch Specials ROCKS!

One of the best meals I have in Singapore until ........... Iggy's!

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine
Address: 36 Purvis Street, Singapore

How Many Chicken Rice Can One Eat in 3 Days? Part One - Yet Con

Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of the most eat food when one travels to Singapore. Since it is quite affordable, I decided to eat as much as possible with every chance I get.

My first stop is Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Yet Con has been around since 1940s and have been serving the same style of Chicken Rice since then. According to purist, Yet Con is the traditional and original Hainanese Style.

I was a little antsy when I saw the deco of Yet Con. I believe that it must have been in business for over 70 years and it is as old school as one can get. But at least, it is Air Conditioned, a luxury as compare to hawker centres. Trust me, you would appreciate that when it is 40 C + with humidity!

So what so unique about Yet Con's Chicken? According to CNN's website, Instead of hanging the chickens up after cooking, they are put on enamel plates to prevent the juice from dripping, so that the flavors are retained.

The chicken here is really lean with no trace of fat, the leanness of the chicken does make the meat a tad dry. However, I would say it is quite flavoured... flavour of the chicken?

I do really enjoy the rice, which has great flavour and quite savoy!

Sadly, I enjoyed the rice and the condiments more than the chicken itself..... 

Yet Con is worth visiting just for their old school vibe!

Yet Con Chicken Rice Restaurant
25 Purvis Street, Singapore

My Home in Singapore - Ibis Bencoolen

Ibis Bencoolen was not my first choice for hotel in Singapore.

I was planning to use my SPG points to stay at Sheraton Towers near Orchid Road but decide against it solely on the reason that it does not offer complimentary WIFI access. I personally think that WIFI should be a standard amenities in all hotels, especially hotels at this price point.

Ibis Bencoolen is centrally located. Within walking distance of a lot of attractions and most of the places I want to visit is only a few MRT stations away.

- Bugis Junction with shopping and restaurants


 - MRT Station: Bugis EW12

- Bugis Village (where I find one of the reasons why I want to come to Singapore!)

- Albert Hawker Centre (beats boring Hotel breakfast any day!)

The room is on the smallish size... but sizable compare to some of the hotel I stayed in Paris or Tokyo.

The facilities though is minimum, no gym, no swimming pool. There is a restaurant/bar on premise that offers Breakfast/Set Dinner and Happy Hour.

The facilities I really appreciate is the in house self serve laundry facilities!!! I have a suitcase of freshly laundered clothes by the time I ready to leave for Bangkok!

If I am visiting Singapore in the future, I will definitely stay at Ibis Bencoolen again!

Ibis Singapore Bencoolen
Address: 170 Bencoolen Street, Singapore